Corporate News
JIANGSU HIGH HOPE ARSER CO., LTD held a ceremony of showing new football uniform which sponsored by IP Company

In order to express gratitude to our overseas client the sponsor IP CO.,, ARSER CO., held the ceremony of showing the new football uniform & new football team flag on October 21, 2016. At the meantime, ARSER CO., was hosting two traditional annual events - Badminton and Poker game In full swing.

 For the sake of facilitating publicity of client, part of the team members of the Arser football team took photo in front of companys background wall and sports field during break time form work that day. During 7:00pm and 9:00pm, the Arser football team held a friendly match with the football team of Department of general surgery of Jiangsu Province People's Hospital in Nan Jing Olympic Sports Center. The Arser football team won the match by 2:0, and all the football players enjoy the pleasure of football playing. At the meantime, Arser football team fully showed their ability, and this friendly match revealed Arser team the spirit of cooperation, rally, and hard work. 

The successful hosting of the event further consolidate the relationship between JIANGSU HIGH HOPE ARSER CO.,LTD and IP Company. This ceremony enhanced team members the sense of pride and team cohesiveness, it also promoted the friendship between football teams. We believe that ARSER employees will take this passion into the futures daily work to make unremitting efforts for the fully completion of the annual objectives and tasks,  and  create a new glory for the company.