Corporate News
SPECIAL SEMINAR ON “EUTR” REGULATION held by Jiangsu High Hope Arser Co.,Ltd.

In order to serve better for legal tree species resource related with “EUTR” regulation, Jiangsu High Hope Arser convened a special seminar on Oct.25,2018 together with all relative factories in Linyi Arser Haode wood. Totally 15 persons attended it including the General Manager Mr Zhang Yongtang, sales team & main supplying factories for European market, and Arser Linyi QC department.

Considering the more and more strict policy for legal species resource, also to cooperate with the Isotopic detection for European market, as a leading import & export FSC certified enterprise for panel&log, ARSER WOOD has unavoidable responsibility for forest & environment protection, which demands us to be extremely cautious and strict on legal resource selection.

Currently the FSC species we use for European market covers European beech, Grandis Eucalyptus from South America and FSC certified species in Solomon Island. At present, the disafforestation issue in Solomon Island is gaining wider attention globally, which causes our FSC resource very limited there, moreover the legal species for European market we can use is getting shrunken badly. So it’s a must now for us to seek new replacement for face & back veneer on our wood panels.

In view of difficulty on peeling different log species and the various thickness limitation for face & back veneer, we initially fixed all f&b veneer species for different levels of European products, as well as their country of origin, after thorough discussion and site observation in factory workshop by all attendees, our main concern is about the lamination effect on board for new log species. (Details no disclosure here for confidential purpose). Finally we got positive approval from European buyers after we report this seminar progress to them.

Being the leading supplier for Chinese wood panels, we shall strictly stick to and execute the theme of this seminar in future, promote and encourage all suppliers together with us to use legal species in conformity with “EUTR” regulation. And it is our firm determination to forbid illegal disafforestation in order to protect the global forest resource and environment. We trust this is what we should do to live up to our name - a Responsible & Professional Chinese enterprise for wood panel supply.